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출생 1999. 02. 02.

마산 창신고등학교 졸

경희대학교 소프트웨어융합학과 재학

소프트웨어융합학과 제 2대 학생회 홍보부


벤처 소프트웨어 기업을 설립한다.

Name : Ha Changbeom

Age : 20

Academic background : Kyung Hee University

Major : software convergence


1. python program development

(beautifulsoup, NLTK)

Reorganization of the best comment algorithm by measuring the bias and reliability of comments

2. game development using Unity

RPG / card / shooting / strategy

Welcome to my homapage.

In my homepage, Software development processes and results will rise. This is my process of growth.

The main programming language is Python and c#.

Reading my diary, you can give me some advices if you have good idea or code. Or if you wonder something in my project, you can ask me about that.

The final goal is starting a software company.

Maybe the first product will be mobile games.

Thank you!